Domain Guaranteed Buy-Back. Guaranteed 100% Buy-Back of Technology Assets* Domains

6-12 Month International Purchase Guarantee For Buyers from China

Guaranteed 100% Buy-Back of Technology Assets*

  • What is a Domain Lease Option?

    Buy / domain for 6 or 12 months, decide to keep, sell or return it for a full 100% refund*.

  • Refunds can be paid anywhere**

    London, Hong Kong, Geneva, USA, Canada, Paris or Luxembourg within 72 business hours of email request

  • Great opportunity for investors

    Sell the domain to end users and keep profit. 100% Privacy - Documented as Technology Purchase.

  • Security for US Visa Program ***

    Investors may also qualify to develop the domains as businesses towards the security of the US L1 or E2 VISA Program for work and residency

  • Investors are completely covered

    Domain investors are protected by international banks, lawyers and escrow accounts in the UK, HK, US and EU.

  • Use for exchange or trade

    Exchange or trade the domains towards the purchase of a house, plot of land or business.

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About Us

With over a decade of experience in the domain market, we are here to provide a no nonsense consultative experience in linking buyers and sellers of short, liquid domain names. Our goal is to help our partners understand the In’s and Out’s of the marketplace and turn the average domainer into an educated investor.

  • Experience & Ethics

    With more than 8 years of domain trading experience, we understand how traders think and what their needs are. It is important for us to conduct honest and fair trades.

  • Secure & Safe Transactions

    All transactions are secure & safe using Escrow and to make sure all sides are covered.

  • Great Communication

    Our dedicated team of brokers is available 24/7 on email, Skype & phone.

We specialize in short liquid domain names.

A dedicated team of professionals is waiting to help you buy, market and sell your domains.

As domain traders for many years we have interacted with many great folks in the domain marketplace. As a group we noticed that many of these people needed help in understanding the domain name market and their domain names in particular before making an informed decision as to whether it was a good time to buy or sell and what was fair market value. We found that what the market lacked was a consultative approach to brokering domain names. QLQ decided to fill that gap by offering domain name brokerage services with a twist; we want our partners to fully grasp the domain marketplace and their specific opportunities.


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